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We Are Professional Security Officer Educators

Private Security is a growth industry. Employers must ensure staff have the best training within available budgets. We offer efficient, cost-effective online credentialing and continuing education programs for professional security officers. We also offer instructor-led courses, permit for exposed firearms, baton permit, chemical agents (OC/Pepper) spray and TASER certifications at our multiple physical training facilities across Southern California (Burbank, Camarillo, Huntington Beach, Upland, etc.).

Security Training Center,® LLC. is a professional security guard training company. Our purpose to educate security personnel and organizations in the latest protocols and techniques to keep staff, property and other valuables safe. A proactive approach to security awareness prevents many problems from ever occurring, reducing risk to staff and liability. We teach early identification of potential problems and how to defuse conflicts before reaching crisis. Our staff and advisory board have decades of experience in military, law enforcement, executive protection, private security, defensive weapons and martial arts.

Guard Card Training Materials Available for Licensing

We not only offer direct training, but also provide our Guard Card Training materials for use by other organizations. Many companies have highly trained and experienced individuals but either lack the teaching experience or materials to be able to impart the knowledge. For situations like these, Security Training Center,® LLC. offers pre-packaged materials. Our team is comprised exclusively of educational professionals, many of whom hold advanced degrees in Adult Education and Training.

Our training materials are available in multiple formats to meet most any need:

  • Instructor-led, classroom training
    Printed guard card manuals, lecture notes, handouts and presentations
  • Online, self-paced training
    Interactive guard card eLearning with audio, video and animations
  • Podcasts
    Downloadable or streamable audio lectures, case studies and interviews
  • Books
  • YouTube videos
  • DVDs (coming soon!)

Our California training materials are available for site licensing.

Classroom Security Guard Training

We accommodate all aspects of training for security professionals. Our classrooms allow for classes including:

  • Skills Training Course for Security Guards
    Complete 40-hour Guard Card course.
  • Permit for Exposed Firearm
    Become an armed guard and earn higher pay!
  • Baton Permit
    Carry a side-handled or telescoping baton and earn higher pay!
  • Annual Refresher (Continuing Education)
  • Pepper/OC Spray (Chemical Agents)
  • On-site Range Qualifications (most locations)

All students are provided with printed and professionally-bound Guard Card Training manuals which they keep (take home).

Non-Violent Intervention

Our primary focus is a non-violent approach to escalating conditions by teaching management of situations in which violence could occur. This is accomplished through the recognition of potential aggressive behaviors, crisis resolution techniques, verbal and non-verbal de-escalation techniques and, if necessary, simple but effective self-protective measures.

Our extensive real-world experiences have solidified our belief that everyone loses if a conflict escalates to crisis and physical confrontation. Whether it is in a healthcare environment or on the street, the best solutions come from awareness, avoidance, and calming resolution.

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