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BSIS Information and Regulation Summaries

You may stand post after an eight hour course and receiving your guard card. You will have 30-days to complete your first sixteen hours of training and then six months after getting your Security Guard card to complete the remaining sixteen hours for a total of forty. You may elect to take all forty hours of Security Guard card training at one time also. Prior to renewal of your Security Guard card after January 1, 2005 you must complete an eight hour refresher course four of which will be a mandated course set by the state and a four hours of an elective.

Beware of training facilities that do not give you the facts. Always visit the BSIS State website before you make your choice.

ALL training facilities MUST have a BSIS Training Facility License for Firearms or Baton and a current City License with the current address (where you are). Valid training facilities MUST be able to show them when asked. If any of these are not available then they are NOT A LEGAL TRAINING CENTER, we are the ONLY training center that has 5 real locations with ALL PERMITS.


Guard Card Training Timelines

BSIS Guard Card Training Timelines


Three (3) Steps to Earning Your California BSIS Guard Card

Step 1: Complete Mandatory Training

Complete the guard card training course, either the entry-level 8-hour course or the complete 40-hour package.

The 8-hour course and Guard Card allow you to work, but they are not the end of the training requirement.

Step 2: Live Scan Fingerprints and Background Checks

Upon successful completion of the first 8-hours of coursework and exams, students are provided with the "Application for Patrolman" and Live Scan forms.

Locate a local Live Scan Operator, take the filled-out Live Scan forms to the operator and complete the scanning process. The Live Scan Operator will collect the FBI and DOJ fees, plus a "rolling" service fee.

Be certain to collect a copy of the completed Live Scan form and ensure the ATI number located on the bottom of the form is legible. A copy of this completed form must be mailed with the application!

Step 3: Mail forms and fees to the BSIS

Once the forms are completed, the final step is to mail all of the forms and fees to the State.

Package must include:

  • Copy of the completed and signed Live Scan form
  • Completed and signed Guard Application form
  • Guard Application Fee (which is a check or money order)
  • Do NOT include the application fee if you already paid online.

NOTE: Guard Applications with Firearms permits may not be completed online! Those forms and fees must be mailed in.

The BSIS normally takes 4-6 to process new applications.